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Welcome to East Hanover Elementary's website!  We are very proud of our school and each year we establish goals that we believe can help us become even better!  I would like to share with you the areas that we are emphasizing this year.

Our District is developing our strategic plan this year. This plan will guide our direction for the next several years. Here at East Hanover, we felt it was important to examine our direction as well. After a great discussion about our school and students, we determined that our vision should be that every student in our school becomes the best that they can be. We are committing ourselves to making decisions with this vision in mind.

One way we can achieve this vision is to effectively use student data to drive our instruction. Over the past two years we have spent a great deal of time looking at data and determining how we can support students who may have a specific weakness. This year, we are focusing on how we can use that data to design even more effective lesson plans that not only help students who may need extra support, but also allow for students who are performing well to maximize their learning.

Our final goal also helps us achieve our vision, but in a different aspect of our students’ lives. We have had many discussions in our District about being resilient as educators. We are now hoping to develop resiliency in our students as well. One way that we can do this is through our new school climate plan. We have established 4 school-wide rules:

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be Honest

We call them the 4Bs and are actively teaching students what this looks like in their classrooms, the cafeteria, the bus, and the playground. It is our hope that this proactive approach will help us build relationships with our students and help them reach their potential socially and emotionally.

I am very excited about our vision and the goals we have set. Even though we realize the challenge in front of us, we believe they are worth striving for.
Now that you have seen where we are headed as a school, please enjoy the rest of our website!   
Gary R. Messinger
Gary Messinger,


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