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Reunion & Homecoming Information
This page will serve as a clearinghouse for information about upcoming Lower Dauphin High School class reunions and class information. If you are interested in having your class information listed please contact Kathy Weber at 717-566-5331 or via email at kweber@ldsd.org
HOMECOMING Tailgate Gathering 2015   SAVE THE DATE, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2015. Our opponent will be Mechanicsburg High School. We will meet at the high school Cafeteria following the game to celebrate with other Falcon alumni, the football team, cheerleaders, band, friends and parents. If you would like to assist with planning, volunteer, or make a cash donation to this event please contact Kathy Weber, by phone 717-566-5331 or email kweber@ldsd.org. Donations may be earmarked Tailgate and mailed to PO BOX 255, Hummelstown, PA  17036. We hope you will consider joining us next year. LD Alumni BAND and  CHEERLEADERS are always seeking new members  to join us for the evening. NOTE Due to unforeseen circumstances the Alumni Band will NOT be performing for 2015.   We'll BE BACK in 2016. Band members should contact Betty Radle Musser at eradle133@comcast.net or 717-566-8664.  Cheerleaders should check the information on Facebook, under  " LD Alumni Cheerleaders".   

Lower Dauphin High School’s 1995 state finalist football team will be honored during the 2015 season, halftime at the Bishop McDevitt game Friday, Nov. 6, at Hersheypark Stadium.

That season the Falcons won their division and the District 3-AAAA title en route their PIAA Class AAAA Championship game vs. Penn Hills at Altoona.

Team members, coaches, and cheerleaders are asked to contact Kathy Weber at 717-566-5331 or kweber@ldsd.org  to be included in the halftime event. Team members are also invited to a special gathering being planned for Saturday, Nov. 7, 7-10 p.m. at the Hummelstown Fire Hall. 

Additional information and details will be communicated to team members who update contact information with Kathy Weber.


Hummelstown High All Class Reunion Info---

The Hummelstown High School All Class Reunion  For more information on the next gathering or to update your information please contact Lynne Yost 717-566-0295.

Questions on Hummelstown High Alumni, please contact Darlene 'Dimpsey' Christofes at 566-8563.  Also check the Hummelstown High School All Class page from the opening screen. 
Class of 1961
Contact Gloria Shertzer Mader at 717-566-2901 or email glomad@aol.com or gmader@ldsd.org.
Class of 1962
To update your information call Betty Musser Radle at 717-566-8664 or email to eradle133@comcast.net
Class of 1963
Contact Craig Heister at craig.heister@farfield.net.
Class of 1964
Contact Kathleen Convery at convery64@aol.com.
Class of 1965

50th reunion, October 16, 2015 - 9 pm informal gathering at the History House Museum, 32 W. Main Street, Hummelstown. October 17, 2015 - 6 pm cocktail reception, followed by buffet dinner, at 7 pm, in the Capital Ballroom at the Harrisburg Holiday Inn. If you have not been contacted or know someone who has not been contacted, or would like further information please contact Susan Petrina at sip1@psu.edu.

Class of 1966
To update your information please contact Marty Wrzesniewski Bossler martybossler47@live.com  or Linda Shuey Remsburg at rems120@verizon.net .
Class of 1967
Contact Al Schock at Aaschock@aol.com or phone 717.816.5161 to update your information and to prepare for a gathering.
Class of 1968
Contact Corie Luckenbill @ (717) 944-5720 or email corie100@comcast.net for more information.
Class of 1969  
Please contact Jeannine May jeanninemay@hotmail.com to update your contact information.
Class of 1970
45th reunion to be held on Saturday, November 28, 2015 from 7pm – 11pm at the Sunset Golf Club, 2601 Sunset Drive, Middletown. Find information and updates on Facebook at “Lower Dauphin Class of ’70 Reunion.” Invitations will be mailed by August 1.Class members can also contact Sandy Pintarch spintarch33@gmail.com ,566-3875, or Linda Goepfert llgoep@verizon.net to update their contact information.


Class of 1971
 Contact Donna Gleim Smith by email dmsmith42@hotmail.com 
Class of 1972
Please email Connie Fogleman Lelii at conlel@comcast.net to update your information. 
Class of 1973
Join us on Facebook,  Lower Dauphin Class of 1973 or Contact Kathy Saltzer Peffer at KLPeffer@aol.com to update your contact information.
Class of 1974
Please contact Kerry Fies kfies@msn.com  or Barb Fullerton Hilmer baske67484@aol.com to update your information.
Class of 1975
Class social; Friday, September 18, 2015, 7pm,  location TBD.  Class Reunion with music, food and drink, Saturday, September 19, 2015, 6 to 10 pm at the Sunset Golf Course, Middletown.  For more information visit our facebook page or email Steve Hall at Srhallpm@msn.com
Class of 1976
Tupdate your address information contact Ann Etnoyer at aetnoyer@aol.com
Class of 1977
Please update your address and/or contact Carol Fink Chambers at (717) 832-2059 with any addresses/emails/phone numbers you might have of other classmates so final information can be sent to all classmates.   Contact Carol if you are interested in helping to plan reunions.
Class of 1978
Follow us on facebook at Lower Dauphin High School Class of 1978 group page.  Please email Gary Kirman drg@kirmaneye.com or Annette Godfrey Lambeth drannette@msn.com to update your address and contact information or to help with reunion planning. 
Class of 1979
Please update your address, email, or other information about classmates at LDClass79@comcast.net . 
Class of 1980
Please contact Keith Garrison garrkei@gmail.com or visit the Lower Dauphin Class of 1980 group page on Facebook.
Class of 1981
Please be sure to update your address information. Contact Darwin Cook dscook81@gmail.com  or 717-364-0807 or Lisa Glass Vega 717-379-5545 or lvega@pa.gov .
Class of 1982

Classmates should update their contact info on the following private site: http://www.classcreator.com/Hummelstown-PA-Lower-Dauphin-Shs-1982/class_index.cfm

Classmates can also join the groups "Class Reunion for LD '82" and "Lower Dauphin Class of '82 Reunion" on Facebook.

Class of 1983
Contact June Steckler at junesteckler@msn.com to update your contact information.
Class of 1984
Contact Jamie Bonawitz Zuvich  zuvichjl@comcast.net to update your contact information.

Our class now has its own web presence via the Class Creator website. It is a much easier way for us to keep track of all classmates. Please use the link below to register all of your contact information on Class Creator—it only takes a few minutes.


Class of 1985

Please be sure to update your address and information with Ann Messner at annmessner@comcast.net.
Class of 1986
Please contact Kathy Baker O'Day at koday@cpbb.org, Tammy Draus Retherford
treth468@gmail.com, and Missy Hermanson missyh@verizon.net, to update your information.
Class of 1987
Contact Tom Salus at LDClass87@yahoo.com to update your contact information. Mike Yost has graciously offered to plan the next event you can reach him at MyBicepsAreInCharge@yahoo.com.  

Class of 1988
Class contacts Chanin Gerarhart Seeger chanin.seeger@yahoo.com or Curt Hosler curt.hosler@yahoo.com
Class of 1989
Contact Denise Little at snowbound89@comcast.net or phone 717-554-9623 to join the planning committee or to update your name, address, and email information.
Class of 1990
Contact Chrissy Garber at pabunny10@aol.com with your current information (name, including married for the ladies;address;phone number and email address).
25th Class Reunion
@ Joe K's Brewhouse - Union Deposit
3523 Union Deposit Road, Harrisburg, PA 17109
Friday 9/11/15 - We plan on attending the Lower Dauphin home football game at the Hershey stadium... they are playing Cedar Crest.... starts at 7:00pm. We will pick a location in the stadium and sit together.

Saturday 9/12/15 - We will be visiting Lower Dauphin High School in the morning (time to be posted when set up) for a tour of the high school... you won't believe how it has changed since we were there. Then if you are hungry... we can walk down the road and enjoy a slice of pizza at JoJos.... our old stomping ground.

That evening at 4:30pm, we will be having a get-together to celebrate our 25th reunion at Joe K's Brewhouse in Union Deposit (Harrisburg), PA. We will be out on the deck (if it rains, they have plenty of room inside). It will be a pay-as-you-go event where you pay for your own food/drinks.
Class of 1991
Classmates may contact Christy Guzzo Walker by email christywalker73@mac.com  or facebook.com/christy.guzzo.walker.  Reunion plans to be determined, please update contact information.
Class of 1992
Please be sure to update your address and email with Jenn Pringle Albarano  jalbarano@comcast.net. If you are interested in assisting with the next reunion please contact Jenn. 
Class of 1993
Contact Emily Barton Arnold by email ema975@comcast.net to update your contact information or for more information.
Class of 1994
A contact is needed for this class, volunteer please.
Class of 1995
REUNION PLANS!! Save the date for Saturday, September 26th, 2015 @ the Vineyard and Brewery at Hershey. Tickets may be ordered at http://www.eventbrite.com/e/ld-class-of-95-20th-high-school-reunion-tickets-17885986467  Please update your contact information with Leslie Miller Brady leslieerinmiller@gmail.com 
Class of 1996
No current information at this time.
Class of 1997
Please email ldhsclassof1997@yahoo.com if you are interested in updating your current mailing address so information regarding reunions can be sent.
Class of 1998
Please contact Heather Gallo Kring by emailing LDclassof1998@gmail.com to update your contact information.
Class of 1999
Please contact Cori Grierson Bertsch at corrinebertsch@yahoo.com to update your contact information.
Class of 2000
Please update your information LDClassof2000@yahoo.com.
Class of 2001
Please be sure to stay in touch and update your contact information with Nicole Fortney, 727 Pine Hill Road, Hummelstown, PA  17036.
Class of 2002
Contact Beth Smolick ldclassof2002@gmail.com to update contact information. 
Class of 2003
Reunion plans are in progress.  Please update contact information with LDHS2003@gmail.com.   We hope to hear from you and please keep your information up to date. 
Class of 2004
Classmates may contact Jaime Floyd Kauffman by phone at 717-979-6268 or email jkauff51912@gmail.com .The 10th year reunion plans are just beginning, interested volunteers may contact Jaime. 
Class of 2005

The 10 Year Reunion for the Class of 2005 will be Saturday, November 28, 2015 at The Vineyard and Brewery at Hershey.  Anyone who would like to be involved or has questions regarding the reunion please contact Kim Pintarch or Laura Dupler at ldhs05@gmail.com.  We welcome all class members to join the Lower Dauphin Class of 2005 Facebook Page, as we will be posting information regarding the reunion on this site.

Class of 2006
Reunion plans are underway with details to be announced.  Please contact Colin Matichak colinmatichak@gmail.com, Sarah Balog Balog.se@gmail.com, or Jared O'Connell jaredjoconnell@gmail.com to update your information.
Class of 2007
Reunion plans are underway with details to be announced.  Please contact Jimmy Miller jimmymiller888@gmail.com or Melissa Reese mer5128@gmail.com to update information or volunteer to assist.    
Class of 2008
 A contact is needed for this class, volunteer please.
 Class of 2009
Please update your contact information with Laura Cromwell by email cromwele@jmu.edu.
Class of 2010
Contact in needed for this class.  Please be sure to update your contact information with kweber@ldsd.org.
Class of 2011
 A contact is needed for this class, please update your information with kweber@ldsd.org.

 Class of 2012 

A contact is needed for this class, please update your information with kweber@ldsd.org .
Class of 2013
 A contact is needed for this class, please update your information with kweber@ldsd.org .
Class of 2014
Class officers, Luke Rutledge and Luke Mummau are contact individuals for this class.
Please be sure to update your information with Kathy Weber at kweber@ldsd.org
Class of 2015 
Class officers, Emmalee Reese and Christopher Brian are contact individuals for this class.
Please be sure to update your information with Kathy Weber at kweber@ldsd.org
If you are the class contact and are not listed for your class year please call Kathy Weber 717-566-5331 or email kweber@ldsd.org
Do you know a classmate that may not have received an invitation at their correct address?

Please call them NOW and let them know! 
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