Teacher Resources
"We teach what we like to learn and the reason many people go into teaching

is vicariously to reexperience the primary joy experienced the first time

they learned something they loved."

-Stephen Brookfield


www.bookadventure.com - Find books on your grade level that fit your individual students' needs and interests


The New York Times Learning Network - This site provides an excellent archive of lesson plans connected to news articles from The New York Times.  It provides MANY other student, teacher, and parent connections.


TeacherVision - This site provides a wealth of teacher lesson plans and classroom management ideas.


NCTM  - The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has provided internet resources to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics.


PBS Teacher Source - Lesson plans and activities for all subject areas.


Poetry Forge - Poetry technology tools for English teachers.


Web English Teacher - This is a great resource for English teachers.


NCTE - The National Council of Teachers of English provides resources, support materials, and teacher commentary on topics relevant for middle school language arts teachers.  There are also links for elementary and high school teachers.


The Flying Pig Bookstore - Vermont is one of my favorite getaways, and this is my favorite children's bookstore in Vermont....or for that matter, my all-time favorite.  They also carry a huge inventory of young adult novels and adult reading.  A 20% discount is offered to teachers and you can sign up for a great newsletter.  Online ordering is available.  
Super Kids Math Worksheet Creator - Easy to use worksheet creator.  These aren't fancy, creative worksheets, but they are practical additional practice for students that need it.


Bamdad's Math Comics Page - This site was created by a professor at California State University.  It has many comic strips dealing with math.


Mega Mathematics - To be honest, I haven't spent much time on this site because I found it to be difficult to determine the age-appropriateness for the activities that are provided; however, the activities do look interesting and creative.  All are based on the NCTM standards.


Mathematics Lessons that are Fun - Cynthia Lanius is a former high school mathematics teacher and is now employed by Rice University. This site provides a wide range of lessons for middle and high school mathematics.


Rubric Generator at Teach-nology.com - This site provides ready-made rubrics, but you can add a personal touch.


School Express - At this site, you are able to create and print free worksheets and certificates.  You can also download free educational software.


Kim's Korner for Teacher Talk - Kim is a middle school language arts teacher. The site provides many resources for language arts teachers.


Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educator's - Kathy's site is now part of Discovery School's site.  It provides an extensive categorized list of sites that will enhance the curriculum and also provide professional enrichment.


Reading Rants - This page describes its contents as out of the ordinary teen book lists.  The author of this page is a middle school librarian at The Little Red Schoolhouse and Elisabeth Irwin High School located in Greenwich Village in Manhattan.  These book lists are categorized with uniquely teen themes such as Historical Fiction for Hipsters, Boy Meets Book, Fanging Around, Gen-X Files, "Home Fries," and more.  Some titles are geared to older readers.  I have chosen to include this site on my teacher resources because I feel that some themes are more appropriate for high school  reading, but the site is a valuable resource for themes of interest to students.


Adbooks Recommended Titles - Adbooks is an online discussion group for adolescent literature.  This site provides a middle school annotated list as well as recommended lists by genre.


Readability Rubric - This is an article from the Council for Exceptional Children that discusses how middle and high school students can use a rubric for self-selecting independent reading material.  The rubric is included.


Teach With Movies - This site provides movie titles by theme or character development.  It also provides lesson plans and more.


Eduscapes - Lots of professional development resources for educators!  Thematic connections, literature connections, and technology connections.