Budget Information

Lower Dauphin property owners will not see an increase in their tax bill under a $56.6 million proposed budget adopted by the school board in June 2013.
“It is very gratifying to be able to continue to hold the line on taxes in our budget,” said Superintendent Sherri Smith. “It’s a team effort involving our staff, administration and board to be able to provide for our students’ needs while maintaining our commitment to control costs for our taxpayers.”
The budgeted expenditures were at $57.2 million when the board got its first look at the budget in December. Since that time, $612,548 was cut from the budget with the bulk ($572,320) coming from the instructional area of the budget.
The district continues to evaluate every staff opening caused by resignations or retirements. For the coming year, two professional staff positions will not be filled, making 20 positions in the past three years. The district has also reduced the ranks of its paraprofessional staff by more than 13 positions in the last three years.
“We’re evaluate every expenditure in our budget,” Dr. Smith said. “And where we find we can do without, we do. It’s a reality for all public schools across the state.”
However, the district is still moving forward with some important initiatives. These initiatives include a replacement of the fire alarm system at the middle school, replacing the phone systems at Londonderry Elementary School and East Hanover Elementary School, repairing the roof at Nye Elementary School, upgrading the camera system at the high school and purchasing new text books as the district’s curriculum transitions to the new Pennsylvania Common Core standards.
Dr. Smith explained that the revenue side of the budget saw some positive signs since the preliminary budget was presented in December. Since that time, state revenue in basic subsidies increased under the governor’s budget propsal. That increase puts the state’s contribution toward the district budget at 33 percent. Federal sources make-up an additional 1 percent. Local taxpayers make-up the remaining 65 percent of the district total.
This budget represents the fifth time in the last six years that taxes were not increased by the school district. The millage rate will remain at 18.42 mills, resulting in a $2,169.88 tax bill on a home assessed at the district's median assessment of $117,800.

Lower Dauphin School District Tax Rates 2013-14

Real Estate Millage
18.42 mills
Earned Income Tax
1 percent of earned income
Occupation Tax
Per Capita Tax
Lower Dauphin Budget 2013-14