South Hanover

Elementary School

  social studies
  Social Studies
 KUD=What the students will Know, Understand, and be able to Do by the completion of the unit.
    Unit 1: Geography
This unit focuses on map skills such as longitude, latitude, grids, and directions.  It also includes the physical and human characteristics of the five land regions in Pennsylvania.

Unit 2: Government
We study the purpose of the government, levels and branches of government, and what citizenship looks like.

Unit 3: Early Inhabitants of Pennsylvania
This unit focuses on Native Americans and early Europeans and their contributions to Pennsylvania.

Unit 4: Pennsylvania as a Colony
This unit focuses on William Penn and his role in the settlement of Pennsylvania.  We will also examine social and religious groups that influenced Pennsylvania.

Unit 5: Pennsylvania as a State
This unit focuses on the conflict with England, The Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution.

Unit 6: Economics
Growth and Development
This unit is covered through our Junior Achievement Program.  We learn about resources and industries that are important in Pennsylvania. 
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