• Lower Dauphin Elementary Core Curriculum

    Please visit our grade level pages to learn more specific information.  The following is an overview of Lower Dauphin’s K-5 curriculum. 

     English/Language Arts

    A rigorous and integrated Language Arts program which includes reading, writing, speaking and listening is essential to ensure our students’ college and career readiness.  All Lower Dauphin students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade receive daily English/Language Arts instruction which is aligned with the Pennsylvania Core Standards. Students are taught to successfully read and comprehend both Literature and Informational text and to use the traits of Focus, Content, Organization, Style and Conventions to strengthen their writing of those texts. Additionally, the skills and strategies of reading, writing, speaking and listening are consistently incorporated into all other curricular areas. Click here to view Pennsylvania's Pre K to Grade 5 Core State Standards for English Language Arts. 


    Our students learn science skills and concepts through an exciting hands-on curriculum that turns the classroom into a fun-filled science laboratory. Concepts are taught in the context of real life scenarios so that students are able to make the connection between science and their own lives.

    Social Studies

    In Social Studies, our youngest students study themselves and the people closest to them. In later years, study is expanded to cover the larger community which is beyond a student’s immediate surroundings. In fourth grade, the focus turns to Pennsylvania history followed by the study of the United States of America in fifth grade.


    Our elementary math curriculum is fully aligned to the Pennsylvania Core Standards. Instruction is focused on mastery of grade level content as well as development of mathematical practices, including 1) making sense of problems and persevering at solving them, 2) constructing viable arguments, 3) reasoning abstractly and quantitatively, 4) using tools strategically, 5) looking for and making use of structure, 6) looking for and expressing regularity in repeated reasoning, and 7) attending to precision. Click here to view Pennsylvania's PreK to Grade 12  Core State Standards for Mathematics. 

    Please feel free to contact Douglas G. Winner, Director of Elementary Education, at dwinner@ldsd.org if you have any questions regarding our elementary core curriculum.