Language Arts

Reading, writing, speaking and listening are all integral parts of our students’ academic and personal lives. The development of these skills permeates all aspects of our language arts curricula at every grade level. Reading skills receive the greatest emphasis, followed by writing, speaking and listening. All students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade receive daily language arts instruction. Additionally, the skills and strategies of reading and writing are incorporated into all other curricular areas in order to provide students with the needed practice to become effective readers and writers.

The Language Arts Curriculum is aligned with the Pennsylvania Academic Standards. Student progress is monitored through a district-wide assessment plan which includes skills assessments, process assessments and a portfolio of student writing samples.


Our students learn science skills and concepts through an exciting hands-on curriculum that turns the classroom into a fun-filled science laboratory. Concepts are taught in the context of where they actually occur in real life, so students are able to make a connection between science and their own lives.

Social Studies

'Expanding Horizons' is the theme of our sequential K-5 social studies curriculum. Students begin in kindergarten with a study of themselves and the people closest to them. In following years, study is expanded to cover the larger communities and cultures beyond their immediate surroundings. The entire fifth-grade year is an in-depth study of the United States of America.


Our elementary math curriculum is aligned to state standards. Math instruction combines the best of modern and traditional approaches, stressing the development of concepts, computation and problem-solving. Calculator skills are introduced and expanded upon as students progress from second through fifth grade.


Our sequential K-5 art curriculum is a multidisciplinary program that covers a variety of world-renowned artists, art concepts and cultural studies. Offered at least once every five-day cycle, art classes emphasize art production and personal achievement as students develop basic skills and concepts. Students' artwork is displayed at the building level and at various District-wide art shows.


Our K-5 music program uses melodic bells, recorders, guitars and other instruments to engage students in an exploratory study of a variety of musical styles, vocal and instrumental literature and music of other cultures. Offered at least once every five-day cycle, activities are designed to prepare and encourage students to participate in vocal and instrumental music as well as music listening throughout their lives. Students taking instrumental lessons and choral instruction leave their regular classroom for practice once each five-day cycle. Every elementary school offers performance opportunities.

Physical Education and Health

Our sequential physical education program is designed to show a logical progression of skills and activities from kindergarten through fifth grade. To meet the unique growth, developmental needs and interests of students at various age levels, this program offers primary, intermediate and upper-level sequences. All students take physical education at least once in every five-day cycle. Health is offered to primary students once each five-day cycle and in integrated into the classroom curriculum for grades four and five.


At the elementary level, we use technology to provide additional learning experiences that expand on classroom activities. Keyboarding, word processing, online research, drawing and desktop publishing skills are the primary components of the elementary technology curriculum.


Students in kindergarten through second grade are introduced to the library and literature through group story times and instruction on topics like fiction, nonfiction, fairy tales and encyclopedias. During weekly library instruction, students in grades three through five learn about the Dewey Decimal System, reference tools, folklore and the card catalogue.

All students are encouraged to use the library for educational and recreational purposes at any free time during the school day.

Outdoor Education

Our weeklong outdoor education program takes fifth-graders to live and learn outdoors at Camp Hebron, which is located about 40 minutes north of the District near Halifax. Interactive education sessions are an extension of classroom learning and include the study of insects, map skills, pond and stream life and wildlife identification.

Students sleep in cabins with their peers during this week-long experience and are supervised by high school student counselors, school staff and adult volunteers.