• Reading

    Reading is the foundation of Lower Dauphin School District's educational program. We believe that academic success cannot occur without a strong grounding in basic reading skills.

    To support students who are struggling with reading, Lower Dauphin employs reading specialists in every elementary school. In addition, we have three district-wide reading specialists who support classroom teachers and special reading initiatives. Lower Dauphin also hosts several special programs to support students who need extra help. These programs include the Kindergarten Intervention for Developmental Success (KIDS) program, Reading Center, Targeted Assistance Group (TAG), the annual Summer Reading Academy, and the annual Camp Middle School program.
    The purpose of this section of the Lower Dauphin Web site is to provide parents and students with information and strategies to ensure that good reading skills are developed. If you have any questions about the district's reading program, please contact your building reading specialist, building principal or district reading specialist.
    Happy reading!