Nye Elementary School


Dr. Mary Klinger

Mea. Klinger

Reading Specialist  

Lower Dauphin School District

*: mklinger@ldsd.org

(: (717) 566-5317    


Save the Date for our annual Title I Event, to be held at Nye Elementary School on Thursday, May 4th, from 5:00-7:30 pm. We will have a presentation by artist Kathy Miller, the author of the famous Chippy Chipmunk books. All families of Reading Center students are invited to attend for free pizza, prizes and fun! Hope you can come!
Welcome to my Reading Page. I bring my love of reading to the students at Nye. The Reading Center is especially for students who benefit from extra support in the area of reading.


Quick Links for Students:
Study Island - Sign in and work on a variety of skills.
Puzzlemaker - Look for Brain Boosters and other puzzles at this site.
Ask for Kids Ask questions in a safe environment, and you can get study tips too.
National Geographic for Kids - Look for games, videos and stories about the exciting topics kids love.
Funology - Great word puzzles, recipes, science experiments and more!