• Membership Requirements - REVISED for 2013-2014
    1.        Maintain honors science grade point average of 87.5.

      2.        Have taken and are currently enrolled in upper level (honors/AP/AYAP) science classes. Note: Exception will be made for individuals that have already completed 4 years of upper level science.

     3.       Complete 25 science points per year.  6 points must be earned through garden maintenance.  The remaining points can be earned by completing activities found on the list of “activities for points.”  Point Tracking sheets will be distributed.  You may earn points beginning June 8, 2013. Point Tracking sheets will be collected twice a year (December and May).  You must have a minimum of 10 points by December.  Seniors must have all points completed by May 1, 2014.  Juniors and Sophomores must have all points completed by May 21, 2014.

     4.       Science National Honor Society created the Garden of Knowledge in 2008.  As a result, we are responsible for garden maintenance.  Garden responsibility is a requirement of membership.  Teams will be assigned a month of the year during which they are responsible for the garden.  Team leaders will be responsible for insuring that all members work 6 hours in garden during their month. 

     5.        Attend monthly meeting on the first Tuesday of every month.  Meetings will start promptly at 7:15 am in the small side of the cafeteria. Mandatory attendance—you may miss 1 meeting as an unexcused absence - after which you will be dismissed from the organization. For an absence to be excused one of the following actions must occur: 1) when absent from school you must contact an advisor or team leader 2) check in with an advisor or team leader prior to the meeting should you have a conflicting obligation. Three late arrivals - 7:25 am or later - will count as an unexcused absence and will be grounds for dismissal. Note: The Induction Ceremony will count as a mandatory meeting.  Your attendance is expected. 

     6.        Yearly Dues: $12 (this will cover cost of graduation cords). Dues must be paid by December 31st.  Failure to pay dues by this date may result in dismissal from SNHS.

     7.       Maintain qualities of leadership and character.

     8.       Must maintain behavior that is acceptable to the Lower Dauphin discipline policies (level 2 and level 3 offenses are unacceptable). 

     9.       A student may be dismissed if he/she violates the standards, obligations, or ideals of the Science National Honor Society. This includes violation of grade, chapter projects, garden maintenance, activity points, and behavioral requirements as outlined in this document.




    Disclaimer concerning points:  Community Service is a wonderful thing.  However, our goal for you is bigger than instilling leadership and building character.  Our goal is also to have you actively “doing” science.  With that said, do not count the following as points: 

     ·         Managing Hummelstown arts fest games or any community event that does not involve science.

     ·         Youth Day of Caring (see the comments about yard work below).

     ·         Yard work (for a friend, family member, neighbor, church, retirement home, etc…) – we are not a garden society after all.  Our garden is unique in two ways:  1. It is full of plants that are native to our area which support native animal species and 2. It serves as a rain garden – which slows the flow of water run-off during a storm and acts as filter to prevent harmful pollutants from entering the Chesapeake Bay.

     ·         Proctoring math events for elementary school students - this is not math honor society.