• Some children continue to struggle to make progress at school and the school/parent team may recommend an evaluation to determine what additional services are necessary to help. The purpose of the evaluation is to identify your child’s strengths and needs as well as determine if your child is eligible to have those needs met through special education programming.  



    How do the school and parent team determine if a child needs special education programming?

    1.   After a series of meetings and intervention attempts, the team may decide that additional information is needed to better understand why a student continues to struggle.  At this point, the team will consider a multi-disciplinary evaluation.


    A multidisciplinary evaluation (MDE) collects information about your child, which is summarized in an Evaluation Report (ER) that includes the following:

    · The reason for the referral

    · Information about your child’s health, academic, social and behavioral history

    · Information provided by you, the parent/guardian

    · Information provided by outside agencies as appropriate

    · Information and observations provided by the teacher and other school staff

    · Standardized tests based on your child’s needs


    A copy of the Evaluation Report will be presented to you within 60 calendar days of receiving your signed consent.


    List of school staff that may be included on the school team:

    · Classroom teacher

    · Reading Specialist

    · Instructional Support Teacher

    · Speech/Language Pathologist

    · Special EducationTeacher

    · School Counselor

    · School Psychologist

    · OccupationalTherapist

    · Physical Therapist

    · Autistic Support Consultant

    · Emotional Support Teacher

    · English as A Second Language Teacher

    · Special Education Coach

    · Principal



    If your child is eligible for special education programming, you will have the option of moving forward with the development of an Individualized Education Program (IEP).


    If your child is not eligible for special education programming, the school and parent team will continue to meet and problem solve using various methods of increasing intensity to support your child.  
    Concerns with evaluation results may be addressed through additional, independent, evaluation.