• Lower Dauphin School District
    Personal Electronic Device Registration Directions

    1. Read the Acceptable Use Policy, Personal Electronic Device Policy, and Acceptable Use of Social Media and Digital Communications.

    2. If you are a student, get your parent’s permission to bring your personal electronic device to school and use it to access the Internet and Lower Dauphin’s network.

    3. At school, connect your device to the LDSD Device Registration wireless network.


    4. Android and Apple devices should prompt to sign in or accept the usage agreement (if prompted). Otherwise, open a web browser (Such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer).

    5. If you do not see the Usage Agreement, try to browse to a web page (such as www.ldsd.org).

    6. Accept the usage agreement.

    7. Accept any security prompt, then enter your Lower Dauphin user ID and password.


    8. Install the security key


      1. If your device is compatible:

        You will be presented with a ‘Zero IT’ enrollment package.  Follow the instructions on the page. The package should automatically configure wireless access.  If you have problems or prefer to not use the package, click the ‘click here’ link at the bottom of the page to use the manual process (next step).

      2. If your device is not compatible, you will be presented with a manual process.  Copy your personalized Network Key using your device’s copy function, and then use your device’s settings to connect to the appropriate network (LDSDStudents or LDSDFaculty) and paste in your Network Key as the PSK or Password.  Do NOT share your key. It will only function with one device.

    9. Once you are connected to the new network, you should open a browser and verify you can access the internet.

          Some things to note:
    • To make sure your device doesn’t inadvertently keep connecting to the Device Enrollment network, it is recommended that you have your device ‘forget’ this network.

    • You will have to re-enroll every 2 years.

    • You can only have 3 devices registered at a time, if you need to remove an old device, you will need to contact the Help Desk.

    • Your connection and usage is filtered, monitored, and recorded. Do not register anyone else’s device using your ID and Password.