• LDMS Parent Pick-Up and Drop-Off Map and Procedures

    Following these procedures will keep students safe and minimize congestion.


    Morning Drop-Off Procedures

    • Pull forward as far as possible along the sidewalk so multiple students can exit their vehicles at the same time.
    • Please have students prepared to exit as soon as the vehicle stops. Taking even just several seconds to finish conversations or get organized can cause significant delays.
    • After you have dropped off your student, wait until the cars in front of you to move. Continue to follow the cars in front of you to exit the parent circle.

    Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures

    • Please pull as far forward as possible along the sidewalk, so your student can enter your vehicle safely. This may mean your student will need to walk along the sidewalk to meet you where you eventually stop.
    • Students should enter the car from the passenger side only.
    • Students may not cut across traffic for any reason. If you are parked in the lot at the center of the parent circle, your student will not be allowed to cross traffic to get to you. Instead, please pull up to the sidewalk to pick up your student.
    • Use the center lane to exit the pick-up area after you have gathered your student. Be sure to double-check your driver’s side view mirror for any traffic before exiting your spot.


    Map of Parent Pick-Up and Drop-Off Areas

Last Modified on August 18, 2021