• To facilitate the High School 1:1 initiative, we are implementing a Software Self Service Portal for use by our teachers, staff and, students. This portal will allow certain pre-approved programs and applications to be installed without contacting technical support or having local administrative permissions.
    Please read over the following instructions to streamline your experience.
    • You must be a Lower Dauphin Student or Employee with a valid network ID. 
    • You must be using a district-owned Windows computer that is assigned to you.
    • You must also be located at a district building and connected to the wireless or wired network.
    • You must also be logged in to the computer that is to receive the requested software.
    • We recommend setting your default web browser to Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.
    When you launch the portal, you will be prompted for a username and password in your web browser.  Please provide your LD User ID and Password (the same as is used to log into your computer).
    Enter your user ID And Password  
    On your first visit, you will be prompted to set up your profile.  Please enter your email address into the box provided:
    Enter your email address  
    If you would like to receive email messages when your requests are approved and installed, please check the two check boxes under Default email notifications and click Save changes in the bottom-left corner.  (It is recommended that you check these boxes)
    Check boxes  
     Save Changes
    Please note, if these boxes are not checked you will never receive email from the portal; even if you request it specifically in your requests.  You MUST check these boxes if you request software that is not pre-approved, otherwise you will not get a notification when it becomes available.
    You will then be taken to the main portal page.  To request software, click to highlight the software you wish to request and click Request.  If the software you want is not listed, click the Show All button to show more available software.  
    Request Software
     *If the software is still not listed after clicking Show All, Employees should contact the Help Desk to request it; Students should visit the Student Help Desk or ask a teacher.  The 'Request Unlisted Software" function has been disabled. 
    You will be presented with a Request Confirmation, if all looks well click OK. (It is recommended to keep the default request time for pre-approved applications)
     Request Confirmation
    If the application is pre-approved, it will begin to install within approximately 2 minutes.  Please note that some installations will be silent and will not indicate that they are installing, these packages should be marked as 'Silent' in the Name or Details on the request page.
    To launch the Software Portal, please use the yellow Symantec Software Portal shortcut on your desktop. 
    Please report any problems to the Help Desk.