¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!
    I am Señorita Lefever. I have been teaching Spanish at Lower Dauphin for four years. This is my first year at the Middle School. I am very excited to get to know each and every one of you. :) 
    I first fell in love with Spanish when I was seven. I found a Spanish magazine at a restaurant, picked it up and started translating it with my purple gel pen and Spanish-English dictionary that I had purchased at my school's book fair. I took Spanish classes as early as I could (middle school) in my district and continued taking classes in high school. 
    After graduating high school, I went to Houghton College as a biology pre-med student but after a year decided that was not for me. I decided to take some time off and lived in Costa Rica for a year enrolled in a gap-year program.  It was there I remembered just how much I loved Spanish. And my love for the language grew as I immersed myself in the culture - the people, traditions, habits and daily life were similar and different to my life in the states. 
    I came back to Pennsylvania and went to Millersville to get my bachelors in Spanish Education. While enrolled in that program, I studied abroad in Chile and, again, my love for the language and culture deepened as I travelled throughout the varied regions of the country and met people with stories that had similarities and differences from my own. 
    My first job as a Spanish teacher was at Lower Dauphin High School where I taught Spanish I, II and III for four years. Now I am here at the Middle School and very much looking forward to teaching Exploratory and Middle School Spanish and meeting each and every one of you!
    - Srta. Lefever :)