• Math Fact Practice
     All Operations (+,-,x,/)


    • Fact Dash– Click a group of facts to practice, the way you want the problems to look, and then select how many minutes.
    • First in Math– Students start on “easier” material and work through more challenging content. User-ids and passwords provided by classroom teachers (Grade 1-5).
    • Math Fact Practice– Select the math fact practice type, difficulty and time.
    • Murb Math Games– Have fun while you visit with the Murbians.


     Addition (+)



     Subtraction (-)



    Multiplication (x)



     Division (/)


    • Demolition Division– Tanks with division problems move towards the blaster. Fire the blaster at the tank with the correct problem.
    • Drag Race Division– Click the correct answer to power your car.
    • Sunny Bunny– Help Sunny Bunny get through the garden and eat the right vegetables.
    • Kids Know It Network- This Site offers many division games and activities.