• OPERATION: Breaking the Boy Code

    OPERATION: Breaking the Boy Code offers a safe place for 4th and 5th grade boys to gather and connect in positive ways through creative art activities and the meaning of brotherhood in a variety of cultures.

    The goals of the program are to increase friendship and communication skills, provide the opportunity for boys to experience a diversity of masculinities and to build self-esteem and self-awareness through a variety of expressive therapy techniques. Led by a male teacher, there are eight weekly lessons, with a ceremony and reception for parents and family members on the last week for the boys to showcase what they learned.

    Since 2014, we have served 65 elementary boys. 

    Funding Opportunities

    The cost to operate the eight-week course is approximately $1,270. Funding for this program comes in part from Community Aid, Inc. and generous donors from our community.

    For more information, please contact Angela Durantine, Program Director, at 717-350-0428.