Research indicates that to be connected to school, you need to be involved in a school club or activity. One of the top reasons high school drop-outs give for quitting school is because they simply “disliked school.”

    Academics can be hard work. Not everyone is an athlete, artist or musician. But school clubs are supposed to provide that “stickiness factor” to bond students to their school, giving them a reason to come to class.

    Our 2011 PAYS surveys showed that the Lack of Commitment to School risk factor scale score was below the norm of 50. In addition, Lower Dauphin High School surveyed its students in 2013 and found that nearly a third of our students were not involved in any school clubs or activities. To help raise awareness of existing clubs, Lower Dauphin Communities That Care (LD CTC) helped students create a positive messaging campaign to get more students involved in school.

    Since our school mascot is the “Falcon,” the students came up with the tagline “Find Your Nest” to go along with the campaign. To highlight the various clubs on posters and banners around the school, they had the Falcon mascot participate in club activities – mixing chemicals for the Science Club, giving a dramatic reading of Macbeth for the Thespian Society, playing the guitar for Bluegrass Jam Club, etc. Some clubs even added logos and slogans to their posters and banners.

    Our “Find Your Nest” campaign is highlighted at the annual club sign-up day at the high school each September and through-out the year.

    Since it's inception in 2014, we have served approximately 920 students through this campaign. 

    For more information, please contact Angela Durantine, Program Director, at 717-350-0428.