• Fun Music Websites! If you create something from home, feel free to share it with Mrs. Zampelli at jzampelli@ldsd.org



    Jam Zone- Learn a Song   Click there to learn pop songs on ukulele, drums, guitar, bass, or Keyboard!
    BrainPOP- (grade 3-5) Do some learning and play some games with this fun website!  
               BrainPop art and music
    BrainPOP Jr.- (Grades K-3)- Do some learning and play games!! This is for younger learners!
    PBSkids Music Games- Lots of music games with learning in them.  Also, many other subjects to choose from! This is probably for Grades K-3.
                 PBSkids music games
    Classics For Kids-  Listen, learn, play, create, and do some activity sheets on this fun website about music and composers!  Lots of things to learn and do on this website.
                Classics for kids
    Groove Pizza- Make your own awesome rhythms with shapes!!  Choose the drum set sound you want.
              Groove Pizza Here!
    SoundTrap- Make your own music with single notes or use pre-made loops.
    Noteflight- Make your own music for your instrument!
    Loop Labs- Create your own loops or full songs to jam to!
    The Wide World of Music- listen to instrument from around the world!
              Listen to instruments
    Check out this page that has many musical activites!- Fun Music Page