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    Tutoring Schedule 2020-2021 

    Tutoring begins at the times and locations designated in the chart below.  

    English Mrs. Radel Thursdays After School (2:30-3:30) Face-to-face in room 301 or ZOOM: English tutoring link
    Math Mr. Pirtle/ Mr. Reigner Mondays After School (2:30-3:30)

    Face to Face room 101/109 OR

    ZOOM: Monday Math Link

    Mrs. Watkins Thursdays After School (2:30-3:30)

    Face to Face room 908 OR

    ZOOM: Thursday Math Link

    Science (Chemistry) Mr. Hanninen Tuesdays Evening (4:30-5:30) ZOOM only: Chemistry tutoring link
    Social Studies Mrs. Stavenski Mondays Evening (4:30-5:30) ZOOM only: Monday Social Studies Link
    Mr. Longenecker Wednesdays After School (2:30-3:30)

    Face to Face room 802 OR

    ZOOM: Wednesday Social Studies Link



    Tutoring works best when a student comes prepared with questions or specific assignments on which they need assistance. Get the most out of your tutoring experience by being prepared!


Last Modified on May 4, 2021