Military Resources


    The following schedule represents the most updated contact information available to us for military recruiters who visit Lower Dauphin High School.  Information can also be found in the Counseling Office.  The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) will be offered October 23, 2019 at the High School.  Although there is no fee, students must register in advance and have parent permission to take this test. After the October test date, Juniors/Seniors may request testing by contacting one of the military recruiters.

    Study materials for the ASVAB can be found:http://asvabprogram.com/#/

    Male students age 18-25 are required by law to register with the Selective Service.  Registration may be completed in the Counseling office or on-line at: http://www.sss.gov/

    TBD  Air Force Nathan Jefferson 717-564-1498  nathan.jefferson@us.af.mil
    TBD  Air Nat'l Guard    TSgt Justin Mulholland 717-648-5244  nicholas.p.carson.mil@mail.mil  
    TBD  Army   Skyler Rosenberry 717-564-9391  skyler.d.rosenberry.mil@mail.mil  
    by request   Army Nat'l Guard Jason Taylor 717-599-4112  jason.a.taylor2.mil@mail.mil  
    by request  Navy  Ronald Kelley 717-697-4101  
    TBD  Marines Scott Merithew 717-343-3637  scott.merithew@marines.usmc.mil  
       Coast Guard no local recruiter    CGR-DG-CGRC-ROPhiladelphia@uscg.mil  
Last Modified on August 29, 2019