• Lower Dauphin School District

    Curriculum Guide

    Course Title: English 11
    Subject: English
    Grade Level(s): 11

    Synopsis of Curriculum

    This course includes a chronological approach to the study of American literature from the Colonial Period to the Twentieth Century. Various works of major American writers are read with emphasis on significant historical trends and literary movements. The selections will include representative samples of the following literary genre – poetry, essay, oratory, short story, novel, and drama. Through reading, speaking, and writing, the student is directed toward appreciation, understanding, and critical evaluation of literature. Independent projects and book reviews may also be included in the course content. Summer reading is required. Students must secure a reading list from the instructor or counseling office prior to the school year


    Units of Study Titles

    Unit 1: Puritanism & Rationalism

    Unit 2: Westward Expansion

    Unit 3: Reformation Literature

    Unit 4: Modern Literature