Lower Dauphin School District

    Curriculum Guide

    Course Title: Falcon Flash
    Subject: English
    Grade Level(s): 9-12

    Synopsis of Curriculum

    The students will be able to engage in critical thinking about how the media has adapted to the changes of society along with how a journalist functions and evaluates the media. Students will be able to gather the news, the sources for the news, and conduct interviews. Students will be able to learn the writing guidelines and style for journalists along with the editing and layout techniques applicable to the school publication. Students will be able to improve upon their writing by means of self-expression, observation, and creativity. Students will be able to enhance their knowledge of the process of reading journalism weekly with a critical eye for style and accuracy.


    Units of Study Titles

    Unit One: Writing Basics: Headlines, Leads, Story Development

    Unit Two: Writing for Digital Media

    Unit Three: Research and Writing

    Unit Four: Writing Features, Editorials, and Sports