• Lower Dauphin School District

    Curriculum Guide

    Course Title: AP Chemistry
    Subject: Science
    Grade Level(s): 11-12
    Synopsis of Curriculum

    This course is designed for the student who is interested in further study of chemistry. The advanced Placement course is designed to be the equivalent of a one-year college-level chemistry course. The goal of this course is to prepare the students to score a 4 or 5 on the AP Chemistry exam in May and receive college credit for their efforts.

    This is accomplished by having a rigorous study of the chemical topics listed below. We also spend a considerable amount of time in the lab developing laboratory skills, which are becoming more important for success on the AP exam.

    Units of Study Titles

    Dimensional Analysis and History

    Moles, Formulas, Stoichiometry, Reactions

    Gas Laws and Solutions 

    Chemical Reactions

    Separation of Mixtures and Solutions 

    Quantum, Spectroscopy and Periodicity





    Acids and Bases