•  Lower Dauphin School District

    Curriculum Guide

    Course Title: American Government and Economics
    Subject: Social Studies
    Grade Level(s):10
    Synopsis of Curriculum

    American Government & Economics is an in depth study of our Federal, State, and Local governments. This curriculum allows the student to look at the way government functions through the social, political, and economic aspects of our unique system. Included in the course will be a mock political campaign as well as a strong emphasis on the current political issues of today. The economic aspect of this course will survey the basic economic systems, which exist throughout the world. However, the major emphasis will be placed on the free enterprise system developed from the teachings of Adam Smith through today’s private enterprise system.


    Units of Study Titles

    Foundations of American Government and Constitutions



    Civil Rights and Liberties

    Elections Process

    Linkage Institutions

    Public Policy

    Comparative Politics

    State and Local

    Foundations of Economics