•  Lower Dauphin School District

    Curriculum Guide

    Course Title: Impact of Social Change: Music/Fashion through American History
    Subject: Social Studies
    Grade Level(s): 11-12
    Synopsis of Curriculum

    This course is designed to explore specific topics such as music and fashion and how these factors impact social changed throughout American History.  Topics will be discussed such as the Victorian Era, Prohibition, women’s evolvement and advancement of music in 1920s, teenage culture and influence of Rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950s, anti-war movement of the Vietnam Era with the counterculture and music of the 1960s, and influence of music on gang violence in the 1980s.   

    Units of Study Titles

    Unit 1: The Victorian Era

    Unit 2: The 1920s

    Unit 3: The 1950s

    Unit 4: The 1960s

    Unit 5: The 1980s