•  Lower Dauphin School District

    Curriculum Guide

    Course Title: The American Way of War
    Subject: Social Studies
    Grade Level(s): 11-12

    Synopsis of Curriculum

    This is a semester Social Studies course inspired by the theory of an “American Way of War” and recent military issues. This course provides students with an overview of American military history relative to the causes, nature, outcomes, and significance of major wars and related issues; essentially, is a study of the concepts, events, leaders, and outcomes of American military history from the American Revolution to recent times. With the subject of diplomacy and defense so much in the news today (e.g., alliances, the budget, nuclear debate, terrorism, the all-volunteer Army, women in combat roles, and LGBT in the military) students need to understand America’s unique military past so that they can understand the present issues and make informed decisions in the future. The foundation will be facts, stories, the literature of war, oral histories, and the Theory of the American Way of War. The broad categories of study will be politics, religion, economics, society, technology, ideas/ideals, geography, and eras (e.g., Cold War). There will be an emphasis on critical reading, thinking, and writing, as well as primary evidence and original student research.


    Units of Study Titles

    Introduction, Military History, & P.R.E.S.T.I.G.E.

    Theory of the American Way of War

    Case Studies

    Lessons Learned & Possibilities