•  Lower Dauphin School District

    Curriculum Guide

    Course Title: HACC- The Vietnam War
    Subject: Social Studies
    Grade Level(s): 11-12
     Synopsis of Curriculum

    This is a semester college history course on the Vietnam War. In terms of content, the focus will be on its origin, nature, conclusion, and significance. This includes the political, military, diplomatic, economic, technological, social, and ideological factors of this war in Southeast Asia, from French colonial times to Vietnam’s unification, and in the United States. After a survey of Vietnamese geography, history, and culture, the focus will be on the role of WWII, the Indo-China War (vs. France), and other post-WWII Cold War concerns as the major reasons for US intervention, escalation, loss, and ultimate withdrawal. There will be an emphasis on Vietnam War Era facts and stories, as well as historiography, veterans, memorials, primary evidence, and original student research.

    Units of Study Titles

    Introduction & Origin



    Significance & Historiography