•  Lower Dauphin School District

    Curriculum Guide

    Course Title: Woodworking III
    Subject: Technology Education
    Grade Level(s): 10-12

    Synopsis of Curriculum

    Woodworking III is a course designed for students who show an interest, skill, and passion for wood working. This advanced manufacturing course has students learning about advanced wood processing skills, while also developing their engineering, problem solving, and design skills. Students enrolled in the class with continue learning and developing their Google Sketch-up skills as well.

    Units of Study Titles

    1. Unit 1 - Course Introduction
      1. Introduction to wood working and design as a profession
      2. Tour of the wood working lab and its contents
      3. Review of wood, its properties and how it reacts during processing
      4. Review of the design process
    2. Unit 2 – Wood processing machines
      1. Review of
        1. Radial Arm Saw
        2. Joiner
        3. Planer
        4. Table Saw
        5. Miter Saw
        6. Band Saw
        7. Drill Press
        8. Router
        9. Lathe
        10. Joinery
          1. Dowel
          2. Rabbet
          3. Dado
          4. Miter
          5. Mortise and Tenon
          6. Dovetail
        11. Google Sketch-Up
    3. Unit 3 – Advanced woodworking projects
    4. Unit 4 – School Donation Projects