Here are some things you can do to help your Kinderkid have a better day ~ and it helps me too!


    *Please dress your child in clothes that they know how to get into and out of so that he/she does not have trouble when using the bathroom. Also please make sure your child is able to put on his/her coat and can zip the zipper.


    *Please consider that we will be going outside for recess every day (weather permitting) and the Kinderkids will need to dress appropriately.


    *Please work on teaching your child how to tie his/her shoes.


    *Please put your Kinderkid’s name on everything they bring to school—book bag, sweater, coat, etc.


    *Give your Kinderkid a good start on the day with a full night’s sleep (10-12 hours for most 5 and 6 year olds) as well as a good breakfast.


    *Have your Kinderkid bring his/her book bag every day.


    *Try to send them out the door with a hug and a happy feeling each day. Plan ahead the night before on what to wear, packing the book bag, writing notes, etc. It will take some time and thought to work out a good routine for you and your Kinderkid.


    *Please let me know if there are changes occurring at home that may affect your child’s behavior and attitude at school.