• Lower Dauphin School District


    Curriculum Guide


    Subject:  English/Language Arts                     Grade Level(s):  Third Grade


    Synopsis of Curriculum

    The English/Language Arts curriculum is divided into five general areas: Foundational Skills, Speaking and Listening, Reading Informational Text, Reading Literature, and Writing.  Third grade students will learn how to determine the main idea of a text, answer questions regarding the text and make inferences about the text, explain the author’s point of view, and use text features to locate and interpret information.  The students will also learn how to compare and contrast two different texts on the same topic.  Third grade students will continue to develop their understanding of how to identify the main idea of a text and how it is conveyed in the text.  They will learn to describe characters in a story and how their actions influence the sequence of events.  The students will learn to refer t chapters, stanzas, verses, and scenes and how each successive part builds on the next.  Third grade students will write informative, explanatory and opinion texts and convey ideas or information clearly.  They will develop the topic with details, facts, definitions and illustrations and use an organizational structure that is connected logically and has a concluding statement or section.  Third grade students will learn to write a narrative that develops real or imagined events.  The students will use description in their writing to develop experiences and events, and, the will organize an event sequence that unfolds naturally. 


    Units of Study Titles

    Foundational Skills

    Speaking and Listening

    Reading Informational Text

    Reading Literature