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    Curriculum Guide


    Course Title: Mathematics                                                                 Grade Level(s):  Third Grade


    Synopsis of Curriculum

    The Third Grade Mathematics curriculum is divided into five general areas: Numbers and Operations; Numbers and Operations – Fractions; Algebraic Concepts; Measurement, Data and Probability; and, Geometry.  Third grade students will apply place value and the use of operations to perform multi-digit arithmetic.  The students will also develop an understanding of fractions as numbers.  Third grade students will represent and solve problems involving multiplication and division; understand the properties of multiplication and the relationship between multiplication and division; demonstrate multiplication and division fluency; and solve problems using the four operations of multiplication division, addition and subtraction.  The students will learn to identify, compare, and classify shapes and their attributes, and understand the use of fractions to partition shapes into equal parts and to represent those equal parts as a unit fraction of the whole.  Third grade students will learn solve problems involving measurement, estimation of temperature, liquid volume, mass, or length; to write and tell time to the nearest minute and then solve problems by calculating time intervals; and, to solve problems and make change involving money using a combination of bills and coins.  The students will learn to find the area of a rectangle, the perimeter of a polygon, and to use charts, pictographs and bar graphs to interpret data.


    Units of Study Titles

    Numbers and Operations

    Numbers and Operations - Fractions

    Algebraic Concepts

    Measurement, Data and Probability


    Stepping up to Fourth Grade