• Lower Dauphin School District


    Curriculum Guide


    Course Title: Mathematics                                                                 Grade Level(s):  Fourth Grade


    Synopsis of Curriculum

    The Fourth Grade Mathematics curriculum is divided into five general areas: Numbers and Operations; Numbers and Operations – Fractions; Algebraic Concepts; Measurement, Data and Probability; and, Geometry. Fourth grade students will be able to use place value to show an understanding of multi-digit whole numbers and do multi-digit arithmetic.  The students will show an understanding of using fractions to show equivalence.  The students will learn to build fractions using unit fractions by applying operations (addition, subtraction, etc.).  The students will also learn to connect decimals to fractions.  The students will solve problems using the four operations and will learn to generate and analyze patterns using one rule.  Fourth grade students will learn to draw lines and angles and identify these two dimensional figures; to classify two dimensional figures by their lines and angles; and, to recognize symmetric shapes and draw lines of symmetry.  The students will learn to solve problems using measurement and to convert a larger unit to a smaller unit.  The students will interpret data involving fractions using a line plot.


    Units of Study Titles

    Numbers and Operations

    Numbers and Operations - Fractions

    Algebraic Concepts

    Measurement, Data and Probability


    Problem Solving

    Stepping up to Fifth Grade