• Lower Dauphin School District

    Curriculum Guide

    Course Title: 7/8th Grade Orchestra                           Subject: Music; Orchestra                  Grade Level(s): 7th and 8th Grades

    Synopsis of Curriculum

    The 7/8th grade string orchestra provides students with the opportunity to create excellent music together as they hone their own skills and musicianship. Students will develop and enhance technical skills and natural abilities while gaining knowledge and understanding of musical concepts. Students will apply techniques that have been previously presented in lessons, continue to progress on their instrument, and build friendships with their peers in a musical setting. The orchestra will perform on two different occasions throughout the year, a winter concert and a spring concert. Attendance at both performances is mandatory. There are NO after-school requirements for students in the 7/8th Grade Orchestra other than these two performances. Every other year we participate in “Music in the Parks” with the 7/8th grade band and chorus; this is an adjudication festival and includes a trip to Dorney Park. There are also opportunities for motivated students to be involved in honors festivals and audition for County Orchestra. Students are expected to attend lessons as part of this course and as a component of the grade for this course. In lessons, we continue to work through the “Sound Innovations” lesson book series, as used in elementary and 6th grade lessons. 7th grade orchestra meets twice a cycle (days 1 and 4). 8th grade orchestra meets twice a cycle (days 1 and 5).


    Units of Study Titles

    Body format/posture- baseline

    Body format/posture- developing

    Body format/posture- advanced

    Technique and musicianship skills- baseline

    Technique and musicianship skills- developing

    Technique and musicianship skills- advanced

    Artistic skills and knowledge- baseline

    Artistic skills and knowledge- developing

    Artistic skills and knowledge- advanced

    *Repertoire varies from year to year and throughout the year. As students learn to read and perform music both alone and in a group, these units will overlap and be taught cyclically, in correspondence with the repertoire.