• Lower Dauphin School District

    Curriculum Guide

    Course Title: 6th grade Reading      Subject: Reading      Grade Level(s): 6

    Synopsis of Curriculum

    Sixth Grade Reading is a reading and writing class that covers a variety of genres.  Students will read fiction and non-fiction materials while learning specific comprehension strategies that will allow them to navigate text.  Students are encouraged to select and read a novel on their reading level with teacher guidance in each of the literary genres.  In addition, students are encouraged to read non-fiction materials that relate to current events and personal significance.  Students will explore different writing styles and how they can be applied to real world situations while focusing on style, content, and writing conventions.

    Units of Study Titles

    Realistic Fiction Genre Study

    Historical Fiction Genre Study

    Mystery Genre Study

    Fantasy Genre Study

    Reading of Informational Text

    Narrative Writing

    Journal/Personal Writing

    Informational Writing-Research Project

    Argumentative/Persuasive Writing

    Speaking and Listening