• Welcome to Eighth-grade Honors English!

    Be sure to read The Crucible by Arthur Miller and complete the summer reading assignment.

    Click here for the summer reading assignment letter and directions.

    Additional Resources for Summer Reading Assignments:

    Suggestions for Reader Response Journals:

    • Discuss the author’s purpose or message
    • What questions does the reader have for the author?
    • What is the “hook” in this book?
    • Explain why the characters are or are not believable.
    • How do the main characters change in the course of the book?
    • What causes changes in the characters?
    • Why was or was not the ending of the book predictable?
    • Reread an earlier opinion. Has your opinion changed?
    • What is the most important part of the book? Why?
    • Discuss the theme of the book.
    • Discuss the setting of the book. Explain why it is or is not effective.
    • What is the importance of the setting?
    • Which part of the book best describes the setting?
    • What is the atmosphere or mood of the story? Is it effective?
    • Describe how the reader felt while reading the book.
    • What picture does the author leave in the reader’s mind?
    • What makes the book unique?
    • When _______ (a character) said ___________________________ ……..
    • A distraction in the book……

    Link to Political Cartoons for Analysis

    Links to the two poems:

    Justice Denied in Massachusetts

    Half-Hanged Mary