• In addition to our regular lunch offerings, the middle school and high school cafeterias have several a la carte options available for purchase. Parents may configure their student's lunch account to prohibit them from purchasing a la carte items.

    Some of the items on the a la carte menu include:

    Capri Sun   1.00
    Cookie   .75
    Muffin   1.10
    Rice Krispy Treat   1.10
    Motts Gummies   1.00
    Baked Chips   1.20
    Pop Tart   1.20
    Chewy Bar   .80
    Scooter Crunch   1.00
    Cookes & Cream Ice Cream Cone   1.50
    Ice Cream Sandwich   1.35
    Bottled Water   1.25
    Izze   1.50
    Snapple   1.00
    Milk   .60
    Middle School Only    
    Frozen Yogurt   1.85
    High School Only    
    Large Snapple Bottle   1.50
    Diet Iced Tea   1.50
    Coffee/Iced Coffee   1.30
    Mountain Dew Kick Start   1.75


Last Modified on September 27, 2018