• Math Fact Practice
     All Operations (+,-,x,/) 

    Fact Dash– Click a group of facts to practice, the way you want the problems to look, and then select how many minutes.
    First in Math– Students start on “easier” material and work through more challenging content. User-ids and passwords provided by classroom teachers (Grade 1-5).
    Math Fact Practice– Select the math fact practice type, difficulty and time.
    Murb Math Games– Have fun while you visit with the Murbians.

     Addition (+)


    Batter's Up Baseball (1-3 Numbers)– Beat the visitors score and win the game.
    Diaper Derby– Create your baby and walker and start racing.
    Jet Ski Addition– Click the correct answer to power your jet ski. 
    Jungle Jim - Fish– Review your facts with this fun addition game.

     Subtraction (-)


    Farmer Fred's Pumpkin Patch– Grow your pumpkins quickly to keep the kids happy.
    Math Wash Up! – Use your math and wash windows all the way up to the penthouse.  
    Minko's Milkshake Shoppe– Make delicious milkshakes while practicing your facts.
    Minus Mission– Blobs with subtraction problems fall from the sky. Fire the laser beam at the correct problem.

    Multiplication (x)


    Meteor Multiplication– Meteors with multiplication problems move towards your star station. Hit the meteor with the correct problem. 
    Math Invaders– Destroy the robot that contains the answer.
    Multiplication.com - Games– You’ll find 4 pages of interactive fun.  

     Division (/)


    Demolition Division– Tanks with division problems move towards the blaster. Fire the blaster at the tank with the correct problem.
    Drag Race Division– Click the correct answer to power your car.
    Sunny Bunny– Help Sunny Bunny get through the garden and eat the right vegetables.
    Kids Know It Network- This Site offers many division games and activities.