• The core of SAP is a team of school employees who have received specialized training from a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania approved SAP training provider.  Listed below are the trained team members that you can talk with to find out more about SAP or to make a referral.


    High School SAP Team Members:

    Trish Moody - Home & School Visitor

    Justin Hanula - Principal

    David Wuestner - Asst. Principal

    Stephanie Vaughn - Asst. Principal

    Mary Smith - Nurse

    Tanya Dreon - Guidance Counselor

    Lori Beaver - Guidance Counselor

    Nate Espenshade - Guidance Counselor

    Farren Schmidt - Guidance Counselor

    Melanie Wenger - Teacher

    Aimee Radel - Teacher 

    Michelle Warner - Teacher

    Geoffery Kyper - Teacher

    Michelle McGinnis - Teacher

    Valarie Stricker - Attendance Secretary


    Middle School SAP Team Members:

    Trish Moody:  Home & School Visitor

    Jill Freedman: Principal

    Kenneth Kulina: Dean of Students

    Elizabeth Arnold: Nurse

    Teresa Coller: Guidance Counselor

    Lori Scheafer: Guidance Counselor

    Mark Beaver: Guidance Counselor

    Janice Pence: Teacher

    Nina Gilroy: Teacher

    Jessica Smith: Teacher

    Tamara McElwee:  Teacher

    Jamie Atkinson: Teacher

    Allison Spayd:  Teacher

    Patricia Achenbach:  Teacher

Last Modified on April 4, 2019