• First Grade Math Curriculum

    Lower Dauphin Schools use the Reveal Math series to guide our instruction.  It is a balanced program that develops the problem solvers of tomorrow by incorporating both inquiry-focused and teacher-guided instructional strategies within each lesson.  

    Throughout the year I use Daily Three, which incorporates flexible grouping and a variety of independent activities which will include programs on their ipads, math games, and independent self-paced work.    

    Reveal Math consists of the following units:

    • Number Patterns

    • Place Value

    • Addition with 20: Facts and Strategies

    • Subtraction with 20: Facts and Strategies

    • Shapes and Solids

    • Meanings of Addition

    • Meanings of Subtraction

    • Addition within 100

    • Compare Using Addition and Subtraction

    • Subtraction within 100

    • Measurement and Data

    • Equal Shares

    Late in the fall, I will introduce Rocket Math to our first graders.  Rocket Math focuses on the mastery of addition and subtraction facts!  It's a great program and the kids will LOVE it!