• First Grade Math Curriculum
    Lower Dauphin Schools have implemented the Ready Common Core Math Series which is directly alligned to the common core.  This program prepares students for the mastery of the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards through a balance of conceptual understanding, procedural skills, fluency, and application.  
    Throughout the year there will be flexible grouping, depending on the lesson.  For example, I may use whole class instruction, small group instruction, and/or co-operative pairs. 
    The first grade math curriculum is broken into 7 Units and they are as follows:
    Unit 1:  Add and Subtract
    Unit 2:  Learn Facts to 10
    Unit 3:  Add and Subtract to 20
    Unit 4:  Tens
    Unit 5:  Tens and Ones
    Unit 6:  Shapes
    Unit 7:  How Many?  How Much?  How Long?


    Late in the fall, I will introduce Rocket Math to our first graders.  Rocket Math focuses on the mastery of addition and subtraction facts!  It's a great program and the kids will LOVE it!