• Our Birthdays
    It is always fun to celebrate birthdays in our classroom.  Please contact me a few days prior to your child's birthday if you wish to send in a treat!  
    Please make sure that you select a birthday treat that is easy for your first grader to handle as he/she will be the one to pass it out to the rest of the class.  
    **Please be sure to let me know in advance what you would like to send in so I can be sure that there are no food allergies that might be aggravated by the snack you send in.  
    For all my summer birthdays, don't worry....we will have a big summer birthday party during the last week or two of school to celebrate and recognize your birthdays!  (I know what it's like to have a birthday in the summer!)
    Finally...If you are planning a birthday party for your first grader, I ask that you send invitations outside of school unless you are inviting everyone in the class.  This will help to prevent hurt feelings.