• Homework
    Most evenings, there will be two parts to your child's homework. 


    1.  Reading:  Your first grader will come home with a new book each night.   This book will be transported to and from school in a plastic ziploc bag with his/her name on it.  These books that come home will be taken from their independent reading level basket.  This means that the books should be an easy read for your child.    Your child should read this book aloud to an adult each night.  In order to make sure that what your child does for you at home is similar to what I am seeing at school, it is important that you fill out the chart inside your first grader's blue homework folder each evening.  Please make sure that you record the title of the book, and then after listening to your child read, check whether it was easy, hard, or just right.  This should serve as an easy way for you to communicate with me how your child is doing at home with his/her reading. 
    2.  Math:  About once a week, I will send home a math paper that is a review of the math skills that were taught at school. When there is a math test or quiz, I will  require a parent signature on that test or quiz to show that you saw and reviewed it with your first grader.   
    There will never be homework on Fridays in first grade!