• 11th grade College Preparatory English Summer Reading

    The focus of the junior English program is the study of American Literature and its historical, philosophical, and theological context. The goal of the summer reading program is to allow an opportunity for students to read significant literary works at a leisurely pace. They must read two novels for this assignment.  The selections are as follows.

    Mandatory novel for all juniors entering college preparatory American Literature:

             Anthem  Ayn Rand


    It is expected that each student comes to class the first day of school ready to share their response to both pieces.  It is suggested that students annotate the novel or take notes as they read for their interpretation, significance of the passages chosen, etcetera.  These notes may be used during the first week of school during responses, assessments and class discussions. 

    11th grade Technical Preparatory English Summer Reading

    Click the link below to download the Summer Reading letter.

    11 TP Summer Reading