K-5 Classrooms: School Counselor Lessons


    learning about people

    In the elementary grades, the School Counselor visits the classroom to touch upon counseling related topics.  Younger grades focus on identifying feelings and building friendships.  Grades K-2 we will talk about expressing your anger, teasing, and tattling. In 3rd grade, in accordance with PA state standards, a career unit is presented with a culminating "Career Awareness Day."  Grades 4 & 5 meet with the counselor to learn about and practice conflict resolution and problem solving. If you have suggestions about presentation materials and/or questions about classroom guidance please contact Mrs. Kalloz.


    Kindergarten: Feelings

    What are Feelings: Part 1 --- Ideas to Try at Home

    Play a Game:



    Fish for Feelings Game

    Write feeling words on pieces of paper or index cards. Place them on the floor face up. Take turns picking/reading a feeling and finding the corresponding word. You can add to the game by acting out the feeling.


    Read a Book about Feelings:

    You can read any book you have about feelings. If you do not have a book at home about feelings, check out the following links (all have been screen casted):


    The Way I Feel



    The Feelings Book



    In My Heart




    A Little Scribble Spot: A Story About Colorful Emotions

    (available right now for FREE Kindle download on Amazon)


    Do an Activity:

    1.      Make a Feelings “Mask” with Materials at home. Get Creative!


    2.      Draw Feelings Faces (see attachment)



    1st Grade: Tolerance & Diversity


    2nd Grade: Bullying Prevention Topics


    3rd Grade: Career Exploration


    4th Grade: Problem Solving


    5th Grade: Conflict Resolution