• Club Ophelia: Girls in Grades 4-5th

    Club O hands together

     Club Ophelia was founded by Cheryl Dellasega, PhD to address issues of relational aggression, or female bullying. The arts-based program uses an ERI (education, relate and integrate) model to target the behavior of girls engaged in the three roles involved in relational aggression:  victim, aggressor, and bystander. This after-school program provides a safe environment for adolescent girls to improve their relationships with other girls. The program provides bullies, victims and bystanders with alternatives to bullying situations and empowers them to overcome relational aggression through sound decision making, conflict resolution, communication, role playing and other key life skills. 

    Club Ophelia uses trained high school girls who serve as mentors and role models to a group of girls. Club Ophelia runs for 6 weeks after the regular school day. The school counselor leads the girls through a series of cooperative learning activities as well as a program outlined by Dr. Cheryl Dellasega. The program culminates with a reception and ceremony for parents and friends where the girls get to explain relationship aggression and describe the activities that took place at Club.

    Girls who attend Club Ophelia showed significant improvements in several behaviors related to relational aggression.  These included more positive attitudes toward school and feeling empowered to confront relational aggression during school.


     Miss Ophelia: Girls in Grades 2-3rd

    Miss O Trial for Bullying

    At South Hanover, Miss Ophelia is a friendship group for 2nd and 3rd grade girls. Girls recommended for this group include new students, girls who are leaders, and girls who could benefit from meeting new friends and practicing positive friendship skills. Miss Ophelia  was founded by Cheryl Dellasega, PhD to prevent issues of relational aggression, or female bullying.  This arts-based program uses an ERI (education, relate and integrate) model to educate girls about the roles involved in relational aggression: victim, bully and bystander.  This group is intended to equip girls with the tools they need to survive the social climate of elementary school. Miss Ophelia is a fun opportunity for your daughter to learn about friendship and make new friends in the process!

    Miss Ophelia uses trained high school girls who serve as mentors and role models to a group of girls. Miss Ophelia runs for 4 weeks in Fall after the regular school day. The program culminates with a ceremony for parents, teachers, and friends where the girls describe their experience at Miss Ophelia.




    *** Please note that if your daughter was invited to attend either of these groups she was recommended by her classroom teacher, counselor, or principal. This group is voluntary; it is not a requirement. Groups need a good mix of personalities.