• Click

    A Remote Control For Self Control

    Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control by Lori Copeland, Ph.D. is a cognitive-behavioral approach to teaching self control to children whether or not they have ADD/ADHD. Using the buttons on their “amazing” remote controls, children learn how to improve self-monitoring, impulse control, and self-confidence. Through Hunter’s story children hear how Hunter learned to use his very special remote control. I will be running an 8-week Group for 2nd graders called Click based on the book by Lori Copeland. This group will meet at 8:10 am until 8:45 am once a week in the counseling office until the group concludes. Transportation will be determined by each individual family. In this group your child will receive their very own “Remote Control” and will discover how to use it to manage their behavior and optimize their learning. Students will learn strategies to improve self monitoring, impulse control, and self confidence. In the group, each session will focus on a particular topic.The topic schedule follows:

    Channel Changer: Filtering out distractions

    Pause: Stop to think, relax, create a plan

    Fast Forward: Thinking before acting

    Rewind: Shifting focus from past failure to future change

    Slow Motion: Mindfulness, relxation, and mangaing emotions

    Solving Problems: Problem solving steps

    Coach: Adults can help!

    Zapper: Recognizing and rejecting negative thinking

    Way to Go: Using positive self-talk