Parents often ask what they can do to help in their child’s classroom. One way to help us without spending much time is to donate some “wishful” classroom supplies. Here is a “wish list” of supplies which we will use throughout this year. Please do not feel obligated to donate.

    “Wish List” of supplies:

    • #2 Pencils
    • White board markers
    • Sandwich size ziplock bags
    • Gallon size Ziploc bags
    • Tissues
    • Papercups 

    Another way to help donate to our classroom is to hang on to and send in materials that can be used for crafts and projects. Some suggestions are:

    • Old wrapping paper scraps
    • Ribbon
    • Yarn
    • Sequins
    • Glitter
    • Old (appropriate) magazines
    • Office supplies for our writing table

    Anything else along these lines that you feel we may use will also be appreciated. Feel free to send in any of these items throughout the year as you come across them.

                                                                         Thanks for your help,

                                                                                              Mrs. Cox 

Last Modified on August 22, 2020