• School Counseling Program

    Middle school counselors are specialists who serve to promote the developmental, academic, social and emotional growth of all students. Individual, group and classroom services may be provided to aid students in making appropriate choices, setting goals and meeting life's challenges.  The school counselor functions as a facilitator for students, parents, and staff; acts as a provision of services to students with exceptionalities; and collaborates with classroom teachers to provide guidance to students.
    Contrary to what some grown-ups might assume, seeing the school counselor is no big deal, just a normal part of being at school!  Students can be referred to the counselor by parents, teachers or other faculty members.  Students are referred for academic, behavioral, and emotional concerns.
    Mrs. Schaefer is available to all students for short-term (immediate)counseling, either individually or in a small group setting, for a variety of situations including friendship issues, anxiety, divorce/family separation, self-esteem building, grief and loss, conflict resolution and academic support.