• Do you have concerns about your child's academic progress?

    There are many supports available for students at Londonderry.  We monitor student progress closely in order to determine if they are making progress.  If they are not, we determine what additional supports may be needed.

    All students receive support in their Regular Education classroom from their classroom teacher.

    Teacher's may recognize that some students may need more support than others and can adjust assignments and expectations accordingly.

    Some students may qualify for additional reading support through Title 1 Reading Center.

    This is based on student performance and parent permission is requested.  Mrs. Gilbert and Mrs. Hicks can answer your questions about these programs.

    Some students may benefit from Instructional Support Services for reading and/or math.

    This is based on student's strengths and needs, often individually or in very small groups.  Mrs. Hicks can answer your questions about this program.


    Some students may qualify for a 504 Plan.

    A 504 plan provides accommodations within the regular education setting based on a long-term physical or mental disability as defined through IDEA that limits a major life activity.

    Some students may qualify for Special Education services as provided through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

    Students must qualify for this through a Multidisciplinary Evaluation that determines that he/she has a disability and is in need of specially designed instruction.  Click here for information about how students are evaluated for special education services.

    If you have a concern about your child's progress, please contact your child's teacher to discuss your concerns.

    You may also contact me for more information about your concerns and how services are provided to students.

    I look forward to working with parents and outside agencies to support our Londonderry students.