• MackinVIA eBooks
    Click on the following link: www.mackinvia.com.
    • Type Conewago and choose Nye Elementary, HUMMELSTOWN, PA.
    • Log in using your student computer log-in and password. 
    • Student computer log-in in the first initial, middle initial, and last name. 
    • Password is studnet ID number and initials, unless changed by student.
    Scroll down through all of our eBooks and click "Checkout" on the right when you find the book you want to read!
    MackinVIA eBooks are checked out to students for 14 days and can be renewed 3 times. Students may check out two eBooks at one time.  
    MackinVIA Resources:
    MackinVIA Student Help Guide and Video Tutorials: https://www.mackin.com/corp/resources/mackinvia/student-help 
    MackinVIA Reader App and App Features: