• We are in unusual times but we can make this work if we support each other and try our best to be optimistic this year. 

    Some basic advice:

    1. Stay organized and focused on your academics.  Organization is not something we're born with but something we learn.  If you need help keeping track of assignments or maintaining a schedule outside of the school day, please seek out those who can help (your School Counselor, Parents, Teachers, or other adults you can count on).  Avoid the pitfalls of procrastination!


    1. Be true to yourself and be able to define what that means.  What are your passions, interests and abilities?  What is important to you?  If you know yourself well, then thinking about career planning will seem easy!  Need help with this...? Seek out regular appointments so we can chat about your progress and I can give you resources that will help you discover more about the career pathway that awaits.


    1. Find healthy outlets for stress.  Our hybrid schedule and the current state of the world are not things we can control.  That's stressful.  So look for outlets -- things you can do to keep yourself on track ... get outside, take walks, exercise, be creative (dance, draw, play music...), connect with friends and the people who care about you (even online), talk about how you feel, stay as positive as you can....


    1. Positivity is key.  How you speak to yourself in your head is critical to managing how you feel.  If you're telling yourself that "everything stinks", it will!  Start telling yourself things like, "These feelings are temporary, not permanent.  I can change and I can also work on changing how I feel about this year." Or, "I can work at making this school year a great year for me, regardless of what that looks like and I'll work with what I've been given to make that happen."  Positivity and optimism take practice.  To some of us, that perspective does not come naturally but it does make a difference!


    Summer Newsletter for the Class of 2023

    **It's a good idea to print the newsletter and post it in a prominent place at home.  The dates and deadlines section is particularly useful. 

    The School Counseling Department page contains important dates/deadlines and links to activities and opportunities for students.  Please check back often for updates and exciting news!