• Senior year is around the corner... check back for ongoing 12th grade news and information.  Planning and preparing can be overwhelming -- I am scheduled to be in the office throughout June and August.  I hope you will make an appointment if you're feeling lost or unsure of what to do or how to do it.  The Counseling Office is here to help.

    Looking for the right school or major?  Naviance is your best resource!

    College Search Reference Guide

    Campus Visit Checklist

    Family Action Plan - 12 grade


    Ready to apply??  We process ALL transcript requests through Naviance.  Students will apply directly to the school and then request that we supply other required materials (letters of recommendations and/or transcripts).  Download these DIRECTIONS and keep them handy throughout the senior year.

    Common App is widely used as an online college application platform.  Common App and Naviance work side by side to help students apply to schools and to learn more about how it all fits together (or to read upcoming essay topics...) visit CommonApp.org

    You will need to gather information before you start the application process.  You will likely need an unofficial copy of your transcript to refer to when completing applications (ask Mrs. Dreon for one when you're ready).  If you need a way to organize multiple applications or processes, this worksheet can help.

    Apprenticeships can provide students with amazing opportunities to "learn and earn" at the same time.  Associated Builders and Contractors is a company in our area that has a Pre-Apprenticeship program available to students 16 years and older. See website for details: ABC Pre-Apprenticeship

    Military recruiters visit the high school regularly.  You can find more info about who recruits in our area hereWe will be offering the ASVAB test (for military entrance) on October 4, 2022.

    Summer Newsletter 2022 **It's a good idea to print this newsletter and post it in a prominent place at home.  The dates and deadlines section is particularly useful. 

    The School Counseling Department page contains important dates/deadlines and links to activities and opportunities for students.  Please check back often for updates.